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Hey everybody!

Nothing much exciting to post for the past two days — sorry I have been slacking. But yesterday was my birthday! And as my WW-journey goes, I do think you’ll be impressed.

I went to campus and went to work. My office mates gave me gifts and sang me Happy Birthday. My students made me cupcakes and sang to me. It was all lovely. After my second class, two of my very best friends ambushed me in my classroom to hug me and wish me Happy Birthday and that was wonderful too — nothing like good hugs from the best people. THEN, after my afternoon meeting, I went home, and —


Obviously, if you’ve been reading along, you’re like “ok, you run all the time, so” but what’s a big deal is this: If you told me last year on my Birthday that THIS YEAR on my Birthday I would actually WANT to go for a run I would have laughed in your face. No effing way. But I did want to run yesterday — I logged a gentle 4.6 miles, and it felt great.

I weighed myself yesterday, too, and hopefully I don’t gain anything back somehow before the weekend but… I am in the 161’s!

Chelsea and I had sushi for dinner (Thank you, babe!) and for dessert? All I ate was one chocolate Smidgen. That’s it! This weekend I’ll have ice cream cake but for yesterday, dinner was my treat. 🙂

So, for some comparisons:

Last year, birthday dinner: Pizza, piggies, candy, etc.

This year, birthday dinner: Sushi, one piece of chocolate.

Last year, ideal birthday afternoon: sloth!

This year, ideal birthday afternoon: 4.6 miles logged at 6.0 on the treadmill

Last year, body image: Shitful.

This year, body image: Getting there. Feeling proud for having put in the work.

I told Chelsea yesterday that, as corny as it sounds, one of the best gifts I could possibly receive this year is the gift I gave myself: getting healthier. I’m starting to look “more like myself” again, and am down over 20 lbs from where I was in January. It feels good to feel good again. And I’m proud, too, that my birthday choices weren’t me flying off the tracks — in the past, a birthday dinner would have meant tons of Italian food, or pizza, or wings. Chocolate, cake, candy, milkshakes. All because it’s “my day.” But “your day” should reflect “your lifestyle” and “your choices” — and yesterday, I realized I actually value my body and my hard work ON my body more than I valued getting cookies from Vestal Bakery.

And the best part: I didn’t even kind of feel deprived. It was an excellent day and that sushi was freaking delicious.

And I ran.

And I’m healthier than I’ve been in years.

So many blessings.

I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll stop.



Weekly Weigh-In #15

Another happy week!

In the words of my spirit animal, Iggy Azalea: “It feels so good getting what I want.”

I’m new to Iggy Azalea but, really, hearing “Fancy” was like my heart coming home. That girl is speaking my truths. Mm, preach.

Anyway, back to what you’re here to find out! THE NUMBERS.

Last Week: 165.5
This Week: 163.8
Loss This Week: 1.7
Loss Since January: 19.5

SO CLOSE TO TWENTY! Frustratingly close. Ah well, next week. Can’t be worried about it right now. Feeling too pleased.

Weekly Weigh-In #14

Today, my friends, a small miracle happened.

Those of you who have been reading a long time know that my period and it’s wily, erratic schedule and it’s cantankerous bloating often mess up a week or two out of every six weeks. It always leaves me a little confused and frustrated, and it always makes my weighing in more complicated. Sometimes I gain; sometimes I use a weigh in from earlier that week or wait a day or two until bloating desists, etc. to get a more accurate weight.

(This is, by the way, one of the things I like least about WW: the weekly weigh-in on an appointed day. I know it’s necessary for accountability but sometimes I think it breeds more anxiety than it assuages.)


Today, for the first time ever, I completely and utterly beat my bloating! My period began this morning, so I was expecting an ugly weigh-in.

Expecting it, mind you, despite having eaten within my points and gaining a ton of exercise points this week.

But when I hopped on the scale, lo and behold: I had lost 0.5 lbs!


It’s certainly not the 2.0 a week I’ve been losing, but I can gain up to 5 lbs when I bloat and I’m definitely bloated now. I feeeel it, you know? And if the scale went down despite that bloating — well. MY STARS. Gosh golly gee. Just imagine what I’ll weigh next Friday when my bloating goes down!

Well, realistically I might weigh in Thursday instead — all-day work event on Friday. Might aim for Thursday afternoon instead.

Anyway, this is super exciting. Through exercise I beat my monthly bloat. Now I can enjoy Easter dinner and feel proud!

Last Week: 166.3
This Week: 165.8
Loss This Week: 0.5
Loss Since January: 17.5


I’m starting to look on the horizon toward the 150’s! Can you believe it!

Weekly Weigh-In #11

It’s been a GREAT week!

This week, I finally got my period — which plays a huge role for me, weight-wise. My cycle is nearly twice as long as the average, but I bloat (and stay bloated) for over two weeks instead of just one. This wreaks havoc on my mood, weigh-ins, etc. but all the same, I am delighted when the bloating goes down.

Further, I know I said I would average my weight per week — but as it turns out, the average was higher than the weigh-in, because my body acted like a NORMAL PERSON’S BODY this week and trended downward instead of being jumpy. So the average was about half a pound more than the weigh in — resulting in my using the weigh-in number for the week below.

January: 183.3
Last Week: 173.6
This Week: 171.7
Loss This Week: 1.9
Loss Since January: 11.6

Feeling very chipper today about it! Progress, progress, progress.


Weekly Weigh-In #10

Part of me really wants to stop writing about weekly weigh-ins, because I really do not feel that they’re reflective of how my body is changing — and further, weight fluctuates throughout the week.

And no, I’m not binging some days and starving others.

And no, I’m not NOT considering all the factors that go into changing things.

But in one week, I can be 174.3, 171.9, 172.4 and on Friday, be 173.6.

So what’s true? That my body retained fluids to repair muscles after a hard workout? That some foods metabolize faster?

I just don’t think the scale is an adequate representation of my progress, but it’s the only numerical and quantifiable method I’ve got, except for measuring, which I am going to start doing.

That being said, I did lose another pound this week.

Starting weight in January: 183.3
Last week: 174.6
This week: 173.6
Loss this week: 1.0

A loss is a loss; I’ll take it.

But my clothes are loosening and my shape is changing, and the numbers aren’t reflective of that. Which is annoying.

Because everyone says “Oh, how much are you down?!” And if the number only changes incrementally nobody is impressed.

Meanwhile I am eating within my points and eating healthy, metabolism-boosting foods, running six days a week, and getting enough sleep.

And people who eat their points using processed crap frozen dinners and don’t work out lose faster than me.

Which is annoying.

But whatever.

The scale is only half the battle — if I LOOK better and FEEL better, then I’ll be content.

Just gotta keep on keeping on.

Weekly Weigh-In #7

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay — I did weigh myself on Friday, but haven’t had time to post. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you, though. :- Here I am, with the latest digits.

Last Week: 176.3

This Week: 175.7

Loss: 0.6

Loss since January 10: 7.6

This weigh-in was my last on my semi-broken scale, so I’m a little skeptical. I’ve eaten within my points AND worked out nearly every day this week. However, a loss is a loss. I’ll take it. 

Weekly Weigh-In #4

Guys. GUYS.

So I’ve been intending to switch my weigh-in day to Fridays, because I work from home on Fridays this semester.

And so, sticking with that idea, I weighed myself this morning.


That’s only 0.2 lbs away from the freaky weigh in of 178.6 from a little under two weeks ago. That’s WITH the bloating of PMS.

Starting weight in January: 183.3
Weight today: 178.8
Change so far: 4.5 lbs.

I’ll take it.

I did a dance. The cats were unimpressed. So I scooped Taggy up and sang to him and hugged him.

Suddenly, he realized the magnitude of my joy and began to purr.

That, or he’s really into when I sing Gin Wigmore songs to him.

That, or he was just trying to get by and fit in during a moment where he had not one iota of a clue what was going on.

Sigh. I do love him.