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Long before every YouTube video became viral and oft-posted, there was the very finest video of all time — the one with the guy in drag who sings proudly, “Let’s get some shoes, betch,” and then sets out to do exactly that.

This last Friday evening, my mom called me up. Knowing that Chelsea and I were coming into town the next day to see my cousin star in a school show, she asked what time we’d be getting in. I told her we were driving first thing in the morning.

She told ME that she and my dad had been talking, and that they were very proud of me/my running/my weight loss thus far, and that they wanted to buy me new running shoes to celebrate.


Oh, I was — and am! — so excited!

When Chelsea and I got into town, we hopped in Mom’s Audi and went off to pick a pair.

Coincidentally, with our similar feet and similar stride and similar taste, I ended up getting the same pair my mom has. They’re gorgeous!

I wore them for the first time today, and it was like running on a cloud.

THANK YOU, mom and dad! I appreciate the love and the shoes so very much. Can’t wait to wear them again!