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Couch to 5K Update

I was going to wait until Monday to post about this, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

Today was Week 7, Day 3.

Should’ve been warm up, cool down, and 25 minute run.

But something possessed me —

Run for 30, I told myself. But then 30 hit, and I felt good. And so I thought, Why not 36?

For those of you who have been following along, I run/jog at 5.0.

Which makes 36 minutes of running THREE FULL MILES.

And being that I ran for 37:45, I think it’s pretty safe to say THAT I RAN THREE FULL MILES WITHOUT STOPPING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE.

The good part: It wasn’t that bad!

The very best part: I never ever ever thought I could do that. Ever.

And I just did.


Treadmill Tuesday (It’s Here! It’s Here!).

Our treadmill has finally arrived!

The delivery dudes came this morning while Chelsea was home, and by the time I got back here after tutoring, THERE WAS A TREADMILL IN MY BASEMENT.

And so, today began my “Couch to 5K” journey.

The first day’s run was incredibly easy, but I’m not complaining. I’ve read a number of places that the program really works if you stick with it and take it seriously and don’t cheat — kind of like WW, eh? — and so I thought, well, this is as good a time as any to try and really fashion myself into a runner.

Before anyone asks — yep, we have great running shoes and appropriate running clothes. We also know better than to push too hard too soon and damage ourselves.

That being said, we’re thrilled our mechanical babythang has finally arrived. It felt really good to get that workout in before dinner tonight, and I discovered something else…

So, fellow WW members know that WW awards “Activity Points” for working out, and has a list of actions to choose from. The points you earn are extra points you get to eat, if you so choose. In all my time on WW, I’ve never tracked activity points because I do Crossfit and, um, it’s kind of hard to know how to calculate doing METCON deadlifts. I also would never USE the activity points towards food because I feel like eating up (literally) the deficit you just created is counterproductive. That being said, today I marked that I walked intensely for 15 minutes and jogged for 15 minutes (I’ll explain the workout below) and THIS EARNED ME SIX WHOLE POINTS.

Guys, that is A LOT of points. I only get 28 a DAY — six extra points is a SIGNIFICANT increase. Crazy. I will not eat into them (pun intended) but it’s cool to know they’re there.

Here’s my¬†First Couch to 5K Work Out:

– Warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk (I walked at 4.0)
– Jog 1 minute (I did this at 5.0)
– Walk 1.5 minutes (I did this at 4.0)
– Repeat until minute 25, at which point you walk (me: 4.0) for a cool down.

I admit that I ran/walked the same pattern during my cool down instead of just walking, despite the program saying to probably not do that. Ah, well. Got me a little further: 2.1 miles and 270 calories today.

I’m so excited to see where this running journey takes us!

To Tread Where We Have Not Trod Before

Chelsea and I want a treadmill.

This is surprising news, because I don’t like to run and because we like doing Crossfit. However, some truth bombs with your morning coffee: We both (but I, especially, while losing weight) need to do more cardio. It is way, way too cold here in the winter to safely/comfortably run outside. And my schedule is so wild and ridiculous that anything I might be able to squeeze in at home trumps a gym membership or trying to go somewhere else to get it done.

After talking to Ben the other day, I began to reconsider the idea of running and of a treadmill. In the summer, sure, I can run outside. But for now? Hmm.

Running is a terrific form of cardio, is portable, requires only shoes (and for me, a veeery good sports bra) and effort. This appeals to me. Plus, lots of people run. Chelsea and I can do it alone, or together, or with friends, or run a race, etc. etc.

But then we discovered that all treadmills are about a million dollars.

We’re still thinking of throwing down for one.

Because I NEED more cardio. I know this. And we can only get down to Crossfit 2 or 3 week and those workouts are not always including a lot of cardio. Which is fine for toning purposes but which is less fine when one is trying to get less fat. If I went like 5x a week to Crossfit, that’d be a different story.

So we want a treadmill.

And lots of money, to buy the treadmill.

I’ll keep you posted re: what we decide.