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Recipe: Banana Chocolate Oat Cookies






I made these cookies this weekend, and they taste like mini-banana-split-chocolate-miracles. They are seriously really delicious. And they are 1PP EACH. Yeah, you read that right. ONE POINTS PLUS VALUE EACH. YOU HEARD ME.

Here’s what to do to make about 20 cookies.

2 ripe bananas
1 cup quick oats
1 “heaping spoonful”* of organic peanut butter**
1/2 cup chocolate chips

* = WTF is a heaping spoonful? I used four neatly measured tablespoons, so two portions. 
** = I used Better’n Peanut Butter Low Sodium

– Preheat oven to 350
– Mash bananas (I pureed mine in the food processor, and then had to add some extra oats because my base was too thin)
– Pour in oats
– Pour in chocolate
– Stir in PB
– I, personally, had to leave the house before finishing making these and so I put the batter in the fridge while I was out. It thickened up a bit due to the cold — if your batter is thin, maybe try this?
– Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray and plop the batter on in ugly, misshapen blobs (or something nicer, if you’re classy)
– Bake for 15-18 minutes


PP each: 1




And WHY is that? I’ll tell you.

AT LAST, we have finished consuming the disgusting white protein powder that we bought in bulk, and can return to drinking chocolate flavor instead. Do you realize what a big deal this is? This is a huge deal.

We have suffered the vanilla flavor for far too long.

It was disgusting upon first sniff/sip, but when you’ve sunk $30.00 into a bag of the stuff you’ve really committed for the long haul. And so we really did try to find ways to enjoy the vanilla, but I’ve never felt like such a failure in my life.

We tried adding peanut butter. Nope.

We tried adding juice. Moderately helpful.

We tried thinning it with more water. Nope.

We tried adding Emergen-C, hoping to kill two birds with one stone: Nope.

We tried thickening it with banana. Nope.

We tried not caring: It worked for me, but did not work for Chelsea.

And I kid you not, this saga has raged on for months — and so when today, I woke up and made my morning smoothie and used chocolate powder, I was almost IN TEARS I was so emotional and busting with gratitude to the universe that I lived to see this day.

Never again in my life will anybody talk me into EXPANDING MY PROTEIN POWDER PALATE by ingesting vanilla powder. I am equally suspicious, if not moreso, of strawberry. Months ago Chelsea thought it might be “fun” to branch out.

Yeah, well, never listening to THAT woman again.

But today, we give thanks and many styles of interpretive dance to the gods of protein powder, who even sent SUNSHINE to BINGHAMTON in honor of this most auspicious day, The Day of Chocolate Powder Returning.

When chocolate powder is for us, what could be against us?

Nothing, friends.



And so begins my first “real” day of the semester.

Important things I learned about my students:
1. They also love Beyonce, almost as much as I do.
2. They are pretty much all from Long Island.
3. When I emphatically and dramatically yelled things like “LISTEN, and if need be, TATTOO THIS ON YOUR SOULS” about the course’s attendance policies, they all actually leaned in, focused on me, and wrote each word down. 

In short, I am much relieved that they seem to be a chill bunch and this semester will be a fun one.

Now, the question you’re all itching to have answered: What did you eat for breakfast? WHAT did you EVER eat for lunch? What will the plan BE? I know you MENTIONED it, Karen, but I simply NEED a refresher.



I had my usual smoothie this morning. I informed my students of what was in it, because “I want to pre-empt the months of whispers about what the nasty, chunky thing I’m drinking might be. Unicorn parts? The hearts of children? Worse, dear children: KALE.”

They were, thankfully, amused.

I had a little time to duck down to my office and eat my usual yogurt and apple now, which is good. After my pedagogy group meeting, I’ll fly home and try to get a little something else — cauliflower, etc. — before tutoring and Crossfit.

It’s a good day so far. 

A thing I’m wondering: How am I supposed to work in more low-point, high protein foods on Crossfit days? I don’t want to blow up my points, and I NEVER use my activity points so I don’t want to dip into them. Meanwhile, I need a way to feel strong, full and energetic when the timer goes off at the box. Last week, I was lightheaded. I’m struggling with what else I should do! Does anyone have suggestions?