MyFitnessPal Exploration

Howdy y’all!

So, remember how the other day I had dropped some significant pounds? All of a sudden they’re back.

This could be for a few reasons: maybe having several days of running in a row is causing water retention; maybe eating more carbs (even if they’re within my WW points) is causing some sort of retention; maybe I’m putting on muscle (this is doubtful).

The tricky and disturbing part is that I have religiously stayed within my points, and have only eaten half my activity points on any day. I used to not eat the AP at all, but now that they represent up to and sometimes over 1,000 calories within a day, I know I’ve gotta eat them.

I did have my gram’s birthday and my Mom’s birthday, but I’ve been saving activity points and never touch my weeklies except for weekend splurges — so even still, I’m within my points.

Yet here these mysterious five lbs have reappeared.

I’ve also considered water and digestion and all that. In my own analysis, I’ve ruled them Not The Cause.

So what’s a girl to do?

Today, I made a MyFitnessPal account. While I strongly disagree with it’s focus on calories, I appreciate its food database and I appreciate that it’ll easily and accurately count the nutritional information from my fruit.

I eat a lot of fruit, berries and veggies — WW doesn’t count them, but MFP does. I think for the next few weeks (as best I can with two bridal showers coming up where I did not prepare the food) I will try to adhere to what MFP dictates (while still tracking on WW, of course) and see what happens.

Here goes nothing!


3 thoughts on “MyFitnessPal Exploration

  1. Why do you think you’re not gaining muscle?! Gurl, trust me, increasing your running (you said you’ve run up to 8, right?) will certainly make your legs stronger! And even your arms and core. It’s tough to account for that when aiming for weight loss — which I get — but give yourself a little more credit. I’m no trainer or scientist, but I guarantee your body fat percentage is lowering while your muscle mass is increasing 🙂

    1. You’re likely right, Robin — I’ll try to be a bit more forgiving with myself. I’ve started measuring myself instead of relying on the scale and hopefully that’ll give me some useful information as well! My reasoning is that I don’t want to get complacent and just like, plateau with my weight loss. I’ve slaved for far too long to quit now! However, I’m certain you are likely correct now that I really think about it. Thank you for the positivity! I need it. :-p

      1. Anytime! I’ve truly never focused on the scale, only on how I feel/look and how my clothes fit. Numbers can make one go crazy!! Even looking at time/pace for me drives me up a wall… I just wanted to make sure you’re giving yourself credit where it’s due. Look how far you’ve come!! No one who eats as well as you do and runs/exercises regularly is going to get UNhealthier or gain fat. Keep it up, boss lady!

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