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Gotta Run One: Day 2

I have decided to embark upon a project where, for at least one month, I run at least one mile every day.

The project could ultimately end up running (Ha! Pun not even intended!) for much longer, depending on how much of a pain in the butt it turns out to be.

And so, though they’ll be boring (since I often wear the same/similar running clothes and hat) I think I will take a picture each day. I have grand ambitions of making one of those YouTube videos set to motivational music where it’s just a collage of me takin selfies every day for a year…

In any case: today’s run was originally going to be a single mile — and ended up being 5K. I went the opposite direction that I usually go, intending to explore that half of the neighborhood. Almost immediately, I remembered why I never go that way: HOLY HILLS BATMAN. Ugh. Anyway, once I was out there, I just decided to stay out there. So 5K it was — my legs were tired from yesterday, but I still stayed steady. All miles under 11:30, 3.27 miles in 36:18:02.

As promised, here are pictures of me rocking my new running shirt (THANKS MOM!!!) and of my Garmin showing the day’s work.




Summertime Size 6 Sadness

(To the tune of “Summertime Sadness”)

Squeeze me in before you go,
Summertime size six dress.
I just want you to know
I’d fit if not for my breasts.

I’ve got a tight bra on tonight;
You seem so possible in that basement light.
Slip you over my shoulders and my hope is slight —
I know if you fit, then the fit will be tight…”

You guys, there’s a dress and I think she’s tamed me.

As some of you already know, I don’t really do “short term” weigh loss goals. They don’t much appeal to me since I would rather see my progress as a continual lifestyle change that’s not in constant need of reward/validation. That being said: I have a dress that I used to wear in high school and it is the most lovely and wonderful dress. It’s this great tea length and has an awesome neckline and is just a delight. It is a Liz Claiborne size 6, and it has not fit me since early college.

Here I am, rocking it during a chorus cabaret senior year of high school:


I have had my eye on this dress for a long time, since January. Before January, really, since I’ve always wanted to fit back into it.

This Monday night I was scrounging around the basement for something to wear for teaching on Tuesday (I am ONE DAY AWAY from having taught 20 classes without repeating an outfit! Cue my white girl delight!) and I spotted that dress coyly calling to me from a hanger near the farthest end of our clothes section in the basement.

It is my siren song.

Seduced by it’s beauty, I had to try.

Minutes later, I was bounding up the basement steps screeching for Chelsea to get her phone to take my picture. And she did: and the result includes me in a 90’s style headband hairdo, no makeup, the wrong bra… AND ME IN THAT GODDAMN DRESS I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW.


It’s only one size six dress, I know, and the real litmus test will be to see if I fit that well into OTHER size six dresses and not just this one. However, let’s look at the basic fact of this moment:

Dress size in January: A snug 14
Dress size this week: A snug 6

(return to the tune of “Summertime Sadness”)

I think I’ll wear you forever,
From now until the day that I die.
July is better than never,
And even if you’re snug, I’m gonna try.”

I am extremely, extremely proud of this moment. I’ve been waiting a long time for that dress. In five more lbs, it’ll fit exactly right. And you KNOW I will wear it to the first day of teaching this fall!


Weekly Weigh-In #29

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weekly weight on here! Granted, it’s becoming harder to weigh in on exactly the same day since I prefer a particular set of conditions for weigh-in day (post-run, etc.) and my schedule keeps changing. But have no fear: I will post a weekly weight, but the date might change here and there depending on when I’ve run and all that.

Of course, I do know that some of the post-run weight-loss is water weight, but I figure, as long as the number continues to trend downward (and it does!), why not give myself the extra delight of clocking a slightly lower weight? It’s not like I’m not losing weight aside from the sweat!

That all being said, before yesterday I hadn’t weighed in for a little over two weeks because of some very persistent PMS bloating. I knew I was following my program, staying within my points, and working out regularly as per usual — so I knew in the end I’d be fine, but didn’t want to see those ugly bloating numbers.
Here are yesterday’s results:

Last Week(ish): 153.9
This Week: 149.6
Loss Since Last Week: 4.3 lbs
Loss Since January: 33.7YOWZA. That’s a lot of milestones at once!

1. I have officially lost over 30 lbs since January!
2. I am OUT OF THE 150’s. May this moment live on forever!
3. This weigh-in occurred after my longest run of all time, but the run was NOT a sweaty one since it was cold outside. I am VERY pleased! I weighed myself no fewer than 6 times, allowing the scale to re-set between weigh-ins, before I decided it was not a fluke. I am still semi-skeptical since that’s a big loss for 2.5 weeks, but I’m also excited. At the very least, I’ve no doubt that I am continuing to lose. By how much remains to be seen. I suppose such a weigh-in is proof that if I stick with the plan, even if I am up TEN WHOLE LBS during my period, all that weight does always go away, and then some. I’ve been “feeling” skinnier lately as the bloating has gone down. That feeling of being a bit smaller makes me inclined to trust the scale.Must try to remember this glorious feeling next time I’m stressed about PMS weight.

I’m Back!

Hello, Points readers!

I’m back!

Where have I been? Oh, all over.

When classes ended in the spring, I really needed some downtime and the opportunity to focus on myself and getting some rest. My always, already (#gradschool) busy schedule has only gotten crazier as the wedding draws ever closer — since late May, I have not had a SINGLE FREE WEEKEND (and by free I mean, I have not spent a full weekend in Upstate New York) and I only have one free weekend (Labor Day weekend) on the horizon until the wedding. Work events, family events, dress fittings — you name it, and I’ve been doing it, and that’s where I’ve been.


In other news, I’ve been teaching for the Binghamton University Binghamton Enrichment Program five days a week during the month of July, and it’s been – by far – the most rewarding work I have ever done. It’s exhausting, too, because 5 days a week plus mandatory staff meetings plus mandatory night time office hours from 7-9 2x a week combined with LESSON PREP FOR ALL OF THAT does take its toll. But that being said: I would never want to spend this month another way. I am tired inside and out but this has been the most fun I have had in a classroom and I am so happy to be a part of this program!


In OTHER other news: I’m training for a half marathon! My runs are up to 8 miles at their longest! I can do them without ANY WALKING. And I am still losing weight. I’ll make separate, other posts about the specifics of all that, but wanted to give you the rundown of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. 


Welcome back!