Recipe: PB&J Chia Seed Pudding

As you all know, I’ve been experimenting with chia seeds lately. They’re low PP and high nutritional value and surprisingly versatile. I’ve been racking my brain for low-PP recipes, and came up with a winner.

Because I’m on WW, I generally avoid processed carbs and useless sugars — which means that peanut butter and jelly, delicious though it is, is a no-go for me these days. It would be one thing if the sandwich had ANY nutritional value, but it doesn’t. (Oh, spare me the peanut butter argument. We both know that’s like saying “Well, chocolate cake has eggs in it! And milk!” A high-fat butter between slices of bread does not a healthy lunch make.) it would be one thing, too, if PB&J made me full. But it doesn’t. It would be one final thing, then, if PB&J were low-PP. And it is not. Three strikes and you’re out, delicious childhood confection!

That is, until now.

I tried this two times, and the second time through got the recipe right I think. It won’t taste exactly like a sandwich — no bread and a softer texture for the PB — but it’s pretty close and kicks a craving, tastes decadent and is actually good for you. Everyone wins!

— 2 TBSP dried chia seeds
— 1/2 cup water
— 4 TBSP PB2, unprepared (PB2 is a powdered peanut butter; for this recipe, I’m asking for four scoops of the powder.)
— Sugar-free jam

— Whisk seeds, water and PB2 together. Allow to set. Setting can take anywhere from ten minutes to overnight. Wait for the seeds to congeal.
— Dollop 1 TBSP of sugar free jam of your choice on top.
— Enjoy!

PP value: 4 PP, depending on what jam you use. Mine is 0 PP for 1 TBSP.


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