Weekend Update

Spring has finally arrived here in Binghamton!

We even had to put the ACs in yesterday because the house — and, importantly, the cats — we’re too warm.

This means opening up access to parts of my wardrobe left untouched since August! Huzzah!

More on that in a bit.

So despite my original plan to run both Saturday and Sunday, I ran neither. I ran 5 miles Thursday and 5 miles Friday… And this weekend, I just wanted to sleep and relax. Technically I’m on “spring break,” which for me means no teaching and no class but still working three days at my office. I’ve got a TON of schoolwork to catch up on, so that’s what I’ll be doing all week — especially since this coming weekend will be utterly useless for work purposes, because of Easter. In any case, this weekend was the calm before my self-imposed workstorm. As such, I took two rest days and am glad I did. It was great to sleep in and to not worry about when I’d pack in an hour of running.

Of course, that means I’ve got to get back at it today. Which I will! As soon as I get home and before I begin doing work.

Now, back to clothes: this isn’t much to report, but it pleased me — today I’m wearing capris, a blue v-neck and over it a red plaid flannel that I’ve not worn in awhile. For nearly two years if not more, the shirt has been impossible to button. I’m chesty at my skinniest — and at my not-skinniest, it’s a hassle all around… Usually I have left it (and others like it) unbuttoned the last few years. But today I put the shirt on, since it matches the v-neck.

And wouldn’t you know it: I can button it with tons of room to spare!


Still, I’m wearing it unbuttoned today; however, this is a huge marker of progress and I am very very pleased.

One final note: I thiiiink I’m bloating. That’s irritating, with a holiday coming up and lots of folks curious to see how I’m looking these days. Sigh.


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