Stress, And A Joyful Run

Sorry for my absence on Tuesday! It was a roller coaster of a day.

Taught three 1.5 hour classes back to back, one of which got observed by my supervisors. Terrifying. But my students knew I was nervous and they were total rockstars today. It was amongst the most moving experiences I’ve had in a classroom — I could genuinely tell they were trying to 1) make me look good and 2) impress the supervisor.

So that was great.

Then the stress of waiting all day to see if I would get an interview to teach at the summer program I applied to teach at. All day comes and goes. 5 o’clock comes and goes. No email. Sad and defeated I went to go hop ok the treadmill to improve my mood. I refreshed my email one more time — AND I HAVE AN INTERVIEW!

So today’s run (3.5 miles) was supremely joyful. The stress of the observation, the stress of the waiting — all over. I did a dance while running. I fist-pumped. I grooved. I smiled the whole time. I rapped. Oh, it was a sight. Tag approved though, because he loves a good campy show.

It was the first time I felt “runner’s high” WHILE running — and it was a glorious feeling.

Today was the first time I got to celebrate with a run, instead of deflect with a run. Now, I know how it feels to run with joy in my heart — and I am hooked.


One thought on “Stress, And A Joyful Run

  1. Congratulations on the observations and the interview! Teacher training is tough (although incredibly rewarding) so I’m really pleased for you that its going well and that it made your run even more enjoyable. Well done! 🙂

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