Finding Time

So the more adept I get (and I use that word very loosely, ok?) at running, the longer I run. And obviously, the more time it takes for a “good run.”

The trouble is: I am wearing my Program Coordinator hat. I am wearing my tutor hat. I am wearing my doctoral student hat. I am wearing my Professor Moroski hat. I am wearing my fiancée hat. I am wearing my normal-person-who-wants-to-sleep hat.

So how am I supposed to find an extra hour in the day, every day?

It’s not as simple as “making time” when three of your six hats follow you home and take a ton of time out of your evening.

I also would rather not dramatically shorten how far I run or the time I put in; I’m seeing the results I am because I am UPPING intensity, not shying away from it.

So then, that leaves me with few options. Do I wake up at 5 AM to go run? Would I even run well first thing in the AM when groggy and tired? I know a lot of people do this successfully; I wonder, though, if those people are up until 1 or 2 grading papers, doing research, etc. More likely they’re the folks that go to bed at 9. Well, no rest for the wicked, here. I couldn’t sleep that early if I tried, AND I have work to do. Every day.

I guess I need to make some decisions. Maybe an early run twice a week? and longer runs the other days? Maybe upping speed so shorter run gives better workout? I am aiming for 3.5-4 miles a day. This usually takes about 40, 45 minutes if I run straight through and skip my warm up walk. Add five minutes for the warmup walk.

Obviously I’ll figure it out. I just can’t imagine giving 100% to a 6AM workout, and letting myself down like that would make me feel just as crappy as not getting to run at all.

How do you guys do it?


2 thoughts on “Finding Time

  1. making time every day can def be a challenge. I get up at 6(ish) every weekday morning and it’s the first thing I do on the weekend (which on sunday’s normally means getting up early too) It sounds awful out loud “yep I get up at 6 every morning to run before work.” The typical response is “why in the world would you do that?” The answer was simple at first, because that was simply the only time I had to run run everyday. It was pretty tough at first (you know me and mornings) But now it’s something I look forward too every morning. I groggily get up and stumble down the stairs. I have a warm up walk and by the end of that im awake and ready to run. I also have a cool down walk (with is important for your muscles so don’t skip it even if you “don’t have time”) I’ve found on the rare occasion that I’ve missed my morning run I’m not as ready to go in the morning now, which I find interesting. I also tend to find reasons why I don’t have time as the day gets later. When I first get up there’s no thought as to anything else I should be or need to be doing during that time, just charlie snuggled next to me purring and looking sleepily at me like “please stay.” I strive more for a time goal that a mileage goal. (Although I have a mileage goal as well) My goal is 280 minutes a week, however that is split up through out the week. Some weeks I go past, some weeks I’m adding extra time on the weekends cause another day was shortened. On days I have less time I run faster to still have a good workout (and get the miles). The important thing (I think) to making time in your schedule is doing it at the same time everyday, so it’s just part of your routine. That’s what’s worked for me at least. I’m no running guru by any means, but I hope that any part of my schedule sharing can help you. Happy running!

    1. I really love what you said about making it part of the routine — that’s why I’m considering giving the mornings a go! The tough thing is, if I need to leave my house at 8 to get to work on time, then I need to be IN the shower by 7:10 or so, which means being done running by 7, which means starting running no later than 6. Sigh. That means getting up some time around 5:30 which just sounds terrible! I used to do Crossfit at 6 AM and my workouts sucked — I just wasn’t “awake” yet.

      However, I’m taking your comment to heart: you are exactly right that I won’t be struggling to figure out my schedule each day if I make it part of my morning routine. As it is, I run 5-6 days a week but always at different times. Maybe switching to consistent mornings will do me good!

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