Project Speed Demon: Week 2, Day 1

Well, if you count Sundays as “Day 1,” anyway. I ran Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Was irritated at myself for not running Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, my current running pattern:

— Walk at 4.0 for five minutes to warm up.

— Run for 5 minutes at 5.0

— “Sprint” (such that my slow sprints are) for 2 minutes at 6.0

— Rest 30 seconds

— Repeat, ad infinitum.

Today, I stayed on the treadmill for over 60 minutes. If you take out 5 minutes for warmup and about 4:30 for resting, I still ran about 51 or 52 minutes out of the 60 which is pretty good. If you ask me, anyway.

Today is a huge leap forward and PR for me. I am pleased!

I don’t really know if it counts as “cheating” to rest for those 30 seconds every 7 minutes. It’s not even like I’m dying and NEED the break, but it makes running so long seem like it’s broken into chunks which is good and helpful for when I get bored.

Lastly, the internet didn’t work yesterday so no Netflix while running for me. I listened to music instead and actually much preferred it.

So that’s that.

Goal: To keep running with this pattern until it becomes even more comfortable. And then to decrease rests to 20 seconds. Later, to 15. Later still to 10. Eventually, none.

Alternatively, I might run at 6.0 for 3 minutes instead of 2 each set.

Who knows?



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