Weekly Weigh-In #12

Hoooo boy, running certainly does assist with weight loss.

I can feel (I mean, I think most women have a sense about this) that I’ve been a little bolted the past few days but the numbers on the scale still went down.

Works for me!

Last Week: 169.3
This Week: 168.2
Loss This Week: 1.1 lbs
Loss Since January: 15.1 lbs

I never include the number of lbs I’ve lost since starting WW in 2011, because I yo-yo-ed a lot the past few years. I think it’s not fair or accurate to say that two years or three years of focused effort resulted in however many lbs of loss — I’ve been working hard since January and this time it’s sticking, so that’s how I count it. It feels disingenuous to count from 2011.

However, if you were wondering, since 2011 I have lost a total of 29.8 lbs.

Anyone who says WW doesn’t work is a liar.

There, I said it.

Now to go celebrate this week’s achievements!


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