Project Speed Demon: Week 1, Day 3

I hit four miles today!

There were a few very brief ten second pauses today to switch shows, strip off a longer sleeved shirt, and adjust a strap.

So I ran an extra 0.1 to make up for it.

I walked for 5 minutes to warm up at 5.0, then ran for 5 minutes at 5.0 and 2 minutes at 6.0 over and over until the very end, where I ran at 6.0 for the last 0.2 miles so I’d hit 500 calories on the treadmill.

I know those counters aren’t always accurate! I do know. But sometimes little numbers games like that keep me engaged when my motivation starts to wane.

But yes: 4.1 miles! A new record for me.

On average, including the fact that I WALKED the first five minutes to warm up, I was doing about an 11:40-minute mile. That’s 20 seconds down from my precious best!




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