At Last.

When I look in the mirror, despite being down 14 lbs I don’t always feel like I SEE huge changes. My face looks thinner but in my eyes, the rest of me has remained the same.

What I do notice, though, is that my clothes fit differently.

The baggy fleece I wear around the house has an elastic tightener in the bottom that I’ve not fiddled with in a year or two — always fit right around my waist. Now, it has inches of dangly room. Inches!

My long sleeved workout top hangs in me now like I’m a hanger. Instead of hugging my hips, it’s more like a sheath.

Same goes for my favorite purple workout top.

My Penn State sweats that I wear around the house now continually fall off my butt if I walk around a lot in them.

My winter coat — my BELOVED winter coat — my BEAUTIFUL PURPLE WOOLEN WINTER COAT — is getting so loose that I can now wear a fleece under it and it’s not even tight. Losing that gorgeous peacoat to weight loss will be a bittersweet occasion.

My favorite “comfy sports bra” that I wear around the house has seemed more loose lately. At first I thought it was stretched out — but then it occurred to me: I’ve had it for a few years, and it’s never been “stretched out” before the few months. I’m beginning to suspect that my shrinking, rather than the bra’s growing, is responsible for the slack.

Standing in the mirror whether clothed or naked, I don’t think I look different.

But things are certainly changing — they must be.

And that’s a good thing.


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