Project Speed Demon: Week 1, Day 2

Welp, minor change of plans.

Today I was just going to run 5K at 5.0, but ended up changing my mind.

Instead, I ran 5 minutes at 5.0 then one minute at 6.0, and repeated the pattern for 45 minutes. The breaking up of the time kept me from getting bored, which was pleasant.

It really wasn’t bad at all!

However, I’m pretty sore now. I wonder if that extra push towards faster minutes here and there really made that much of a difference. I wouldn’t suspect that it would — but last week I didn’t hurt, and today I do.

To be clear: I’m not really THAT sore! Just, previously I haven’t been sore at ALL and today it certainly feels like I went for a run.

All’s well that ends well, though, and I had fun on my run today.

3.7 more miles in the books.


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