Project Speed Demon: Week 1, Day 1


Well, that sort of sucked.

More accurately: I sort of sucked.

Yesterday I began my re-doing of a Couch to 5K using running & faster running instead of walking & running.

“Walk” speed (slower run speed): 5.0
“Run” speed (faster run speed): 6.0

It wasn’t that I was DYING OF FATIGUE or was even breathing too hard/struggling to breathe — but every time I had to switch speeds on the treadmill (which is nearly every minute in the first few weeks of the program, so, plenty more where that came from) I lingered a few seconds or took a sip of water.

Realistically, this isn’t the end of the world.

However, I am really irritated at myself for taking such liberties, even if I DID run my whole cool down and then some to make up for it.

Part of my pride in my initial 5K success stemmed from my refusal of those little “breaks” for water etc. And Chelsea says “Well just take a sip while running!” But readers, I CANNOT. I spill. I mess up my breathing patterns. I lose count of my steps. I stop using my arms.

It’s always — since childhood — been hard for me to get in a “groove” while running. And doing anything that disrupts that groove while still trying to continue it… Really messes up the groove and the breathing and the general flow. I’m not trying to make an excuse for myself — moreso trying to pinpoint a problem and it’s source so I can decide how to fix it.

This is all relevant because when I have to switch speeds, etc. I need to hop onto the side rails of the treadmill. Can’t run and do it at the same time. At least, not yet. I need to practice. But all that hopping leads to lingering.

And I did not come this far to start lingering again.

So I’ll have to work on that, methinks.

Lastly, I’m a little sore after yesterday’s run, even though it was 15 minutes shorter than my “usual” and supposedly burned about 100 fewer calories.

I think what I am going to do is work on my “speed” (such that it is, as I am a slow turtle) every third day, and on the two in-between days I shall run a 5K at my comfortable speed of 5.0.

So Week 1, Day 1 is complete.

Three more miles!


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