Some Calculations


Today begins Week 9, the FINAL WEEK.

Wow, wow, wow, wowee wow.

For Week 8, I admittedly didn’t listen to the app very much. I did what I wanted, which was to run three full miles instead of just running for 28 minutes. And in my defense the app is glitching and not letting my log my specific workouts anyway so it all hardly matters.

Here’s my reasoning: Couch to 5K is designed so that if you run a 10 minute mile, you’ll be running three of them by the end of Week 9. Which is all well and good… If you can run a ten minute mile. I would venture to guess that most people (including myself) who are using Couch to 5K do NOT run ten minute miles. I believe I’m capable of it — it’s actually my next goal, which I’ll explain in a later post after I’ve finished Couch to 5K — but if I just follow the C25K program itself without upping my speed, that 3-mile marker is never going to hit. It takes me 36 minutes to run three miles — not 30. See what I mean?

Also worth noting: I usually still run for three minutes of my cooldown.

SO. Here’s what I have been thinking, then. If warmup is 5 minutes. And then C25K says, “Run for 28,” and then cooldown is 5, and if I run for three minutes of the cooldown anyway… then that’s 31 minutes. THAT’S ONLY FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM 3 MILES. Which is just dumb not to pursue. So I run the full three then walk extra at the end. I use the timer on my phone to guide me in places the app falls short or doesn’t last long enough.

I suppose this means that for Week 9, there won’t be any new surprises or levels of surprise, because I already can comfortably run 3 miles. That is, unless I start running four miles this week…

But that’s not likely.

It would take me 48 minutes and really, I ain’t got time for that.

But yep yep, Week 8 is over.


The initial journey, anyway.



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