An Ode to “The Chelseas”

I dislike that spellcheck always wants to turn plural proper nouns into possessive nouns.

I am speaking, in this title, about the collective Chelsea persona — our supporters, our friends, our partners, our workout buddies.

My Chelsea amazes me.

She is kind, supportive, energetic and always looking for new recipes.

She is there when I am up, down, and in between.

She is the quintessential perfect example of how to love someone who is on the journey I’m on.


Chelsea, who has always been in pretty good shape and who has a body most envy, is not just encouraging me to make changes. She’s making them too.

She considers the points content of her food now, and sees places for healthier substitutions and then enacts them.

She was at first quite resistant to doing Couch to 5K and was insistent that she could do it on her own. After a few weeks, she downloaded the app too. And she gets her butt out there running 3-4 times a week, whether she enjoys it or not. (She doesn’t enjoy it.)

She has begun turning down unhealthy treats at work — banana bread, cookies, etc. because she wants to learn the same type of control and conscience that I’m trying to learn, and she wants to use that conscience whether or not I’m around.

For many people, it takes poor health or a horrifying photo or a shameful realization to begin a wellness journey.

My Chelsea (and maybe your Chelsea, too) just wants to be better. Not necessarily just skinnier or anything like that — she wants to be better.

And she’s working on it.

And I’m so, so proud of her.


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