Weekly Weigh-In #11

It’s been a GREAT week!

This week, I finally got my period — which plays a huge role for me, weight-wise. My cycle is nearly twice as long as the average, but I bloat (and stay bloated) for over two weeks instead of just one. This wreaks havoc on my mood, weigh-ins, etc. but all the same, I am delighted when the bloating goes down.

Further, I know I said I would average my weight per week — but as it turns out, the average was higher than the weigh-in, because my body acted like a NORMAL PERSON’S BODY this week and trended downward instead of being jumpy. So the average was about half a pound more than the weigh in — resulting in my using the weigh-in number for the week below.

January: 183.3
Last Week: 173.6
This Week: 171.7
Loss This Week: 1.9
Loss Since January: 11.6

Feeling very chipper today about it! Progress, progress, progress.



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