Tuna Salad(2)

I don’t know how to type a “2” on a keyboard so it comes up as something squared, but that was my intent with the title of this post.

Failure, obviously.

But I’m here to tell you that this past weekend, I was reminded how fond I am of tuna salad, and of having TUNA salad served over REGULAR salad.

My mom made  wicked tuna salad this weekend, and it’s been on my mind. She’s a great cook and she made a mighty fine dinner out of it, serving the tuna over prettily presented greens and veggies. I can picture it in my mind’s eye. I COVET IT.

Tuna packs a mighty WW punch, with a whole can ranging from 2-3 PP. If you don’t add much mayo or crap to it aside from healthies like veggies, you can keep it in that range but get STAGGERING amounts of protein — we’re talking 20 or 30 grams for just a little can.

Mind you, too much tuna is bad because mercury, etc. etc. but tuna every now and again is an awesome way to bolster protein intake on the cheap. It’s quick and easy to make, too!

So tonight, Wednesday night that is, I’ll be making tuna salad to serve over our dinner salads. I’m thinking salad tonight because certain monthly things have robbed me of my iron, which is making me tired, and the spinach etc. will bulk that back up in no time.

This post was bland and half-hearted, but it’s a Wednesday. Nobody likes Wednesdays.

So who cares, man?


4 thoughts on “Tuna Salad(2)

      1. Not a problem! I mean, probably if you try it and then try regular mayo alongside it, it wouldn’t be tasty. But if you’re an infrequent mayo user, then DEFINITELY give it a whirl — it’s like 2 TBSP for 1PP I think? And to me, it tastes exactly the same and for the purposes of making like, tuna or chicken salad, you can’t go wrong!

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