Recipe: Roasted Cabbage

So this is a healthier spin on an already healthy recipe — I winged it for the most part, and it was awesome.

– One head of cabbage
– Spray oil
– Salt, pepper, salad dressings/seasonings of choice*
– 2 tsp. olive oil

– Pre-heat oven to 400
– Slice cabbage into half-inch or 1/4-inch “steaks”
– Whisk together your seasonings
– Baste the cabbage
– Sprinkle some extra seasonings on top
– Bake for between 20-40 minutes (original recipe called for 40… we did 20 and they were crisping)


* = We used 2 tsp olive oil, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar, 2 TBSP Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing, 1 TBSP garlic powder. Whisked it together, basted. After, springled about 1/2 TBSP chives on each “steak,” and also 1/2 TBSP parsely. You can do whatever you want, though!


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