On Average(s)

My new plan is to start averaging my weights throughout the week.

I have a few reasons for doing this:

1) My weight fluctuates quite a bit throughout the week, despite maintaining a VERY even-keel diet all seven days in a row. (I don’t snack, over-eat, eat more on some days/less on others… I am consistent, habitual and predictable Monday through Sunday.)

2) I suspect that water retention to repair muscles during exercise is part of it; there are usually harder runs/workouts near the end of the week, and whenever I visit my mom in Scranton, if i forgo my run for a day or two, I IMMEDIATELY drop two lbs. Food intake unchanging. So I think repairative water retention is in part to blame, which is annoying because water repairing leg muscle isn’t reflected in, say, my waist line but IS reflected on a scale.

3) I’ve hit a point where, you know, I’m doing EVERYTHING right. Working out 6 days a week. Eating within my points. NEVER using my activity points. RARELY using any flex points — maybe using 10 a week out of 49, and leaving my usually 36+ activity points untouched. And so, really, I know that — scale-be-damned — my weight loss is going to continue. And I can’t keep stressing out or keeping myself beholden to a single number on a single day. It’s NOT reflective of my progress; it’s NOT worth stressing over. So we’re going to start measuring me instead, and we’re going to stop being psycho about whether or not weigh-in day will go well. Of course, I will still weigh-in “officially” on Fridays and I AM keeping track of that number; I just don’t want it to be the only measure of my progress.

4) I want to say this for the record, since I KNOW what too many people will try & tell me about “weighing in too often”: SHUT UP. Keep your anxieties to yourself — the scale does not at all make me anxious, whether I weigh in once a day or once a year. It makes me CONFUSED, yes, when I mysteriously gain or mysteriously lose (remember the 4 lb loss in January? WTF.). But it certainly doesn’t make me anxious. In fact, my consistent daily weigh-ins help me pinpoint which life trends add weight or remove it, and how my body processes the stressors and situations it lives through. Without a daily weigh-in, I never would have figured out that there’s definite water-retention from working out that goes away after a rest day or rest weekend? Without a daily weigh-in, I would be horrified at the weeks I randomly gain half a pound — WITH a daily weigh-in, I sometimes know that my belly is just holding onto certain foods, or that I drank a lot of water, etc. So, those weigh-in’s aren’t obsessive or anxiety-laden. I don’t really attach value judgments to any of them. They’re just me, trying to understand what’s up with this body of mine. And if it makes YOU anxious, that’s YOUR problem — not mine.

And so: let the averaging begin.


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