Weekly Weigh-In #10

Part of me really wants to stop writing about weekly weigh-ins, because I really do not feel that they’re reflective of how my body is changing — and further, weight fluctuates throughout the week.

And no, I’m not binging some days and starving others.

And no, I’m not NOT considering all the factors that go into changing things.

But in one week, I can be 174.3, 171.9, 172.4 and on Friday, be 173.6.

So what’s true? That my body retained fluids to repair muscles after a hard workout? That some foods metabolize faster?

I just don’t think the scale is an adequate representation of my progress, but it’s the only numerical and quantifiable method I’ve got, except for measuring, which I am going to start doing.

That being said, I did lose another pound this week.

Starting weight in January: 183.3
Last week: 174.6
This week: 173.6
Loss this week: 1.0

A loss is a loss; I’ll take it.

But my clothes are loosening and my shape is changing, and the numbers aren’t reflective of that. Which is annoying.

Because everyone says “Oh, how much are you down?!” And if the number only changes incrementally nobody is impressed.

Meanwhile I am eating within my points and eating healthy, metabolism-boosting foods, running six days a week, and getting enough sleep.

And people who eat their points using processed crap frozen dinners and don’t work out lose faster than me.

Which is annoying.

But whatever.

The scale is only half the battle — if I LOOK better and FEEL better, then I’ll be content.

Just gotta keep on keeping on.


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