Salad: Obvious?

I know it goes without saying that salad is a great power food that can be prepared like two million ways. Last summer we kept lots of salad greens around the house and made lunch salads frequently; recently, we’ve only been keeping kale.

But due to my tofu frenzy, we’ve been exploring the world of salad.

Two nights this week, I made us salad with lettuce, spinach, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, two hard boiled eggs, tofu, 1/4 cup of chickpeas each, and raw mushrooms. I use balsamic vinaigrette on top – the spray kind, so I can be careful of portioning. Chelsea uses normal dressing.

And for dinner twice, now, we have had salad and been satisfied.

Back in the day I wouldn’t have assumed that a salad could fill me up as an actual dinner – but I’ve investigated all the ingredients I’m using and have found them sufficient in protein and nutrients to fuel us just fine, even with our workouts, etc.

This probably sounds obvious to most folks who are further along in your health journey are probably thinking “DUH.”

But this post isn’t for you!

This post is for all the folks out there who, like me, have spent most of their lives thinking that something like a salad couldn’t possibly fill them up unless it came covered in chicken and dressing and bread crumbs and cranberries and whatever else.

I am here to tell you: Using high-nutrient, zero (or in the case of tofu and eggs, low) PP foods in a salad can still result in an excellent and satisfying dish.

I am also here to tell you: AVOID making salads (or ordering salads, if you’re out) that are covered in craisins, cheese, croutons, etc. If you’re on WW, there are more efficient ways to take in dairy points. All the things I just mentioned will make your salad a huge amount of points and won’t even provide the nutrition you’ll need to feel full — which further perpetuates the myth that salad can’t be filling.

And it should go without saying that being an idiot about which dressings you use and how much will also ruin the effectiveness of a healthy salad.

So anyway, nothing revolutionary here, I know.

But we’ve been making salads and I’ve been enjoying them.

And that is new, for me.


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