Chelsea, My Lucky Charm

In case you didn’t glean this already, I love Chelsea and she makes me better every day. This post will reaffirm that a thousandfold.

That being said, all last week I was prattling on about Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. I love them. I wait all year for them. I would probably give away government classified secrets to have one in the months they are not sold. It is a real, live thing in my life. Minty shakes and I.

So all week, I worked out each day. I ate within my points. I did all these good and right things. Because I wanted my shamrock shake.

But then Friday came, and with it, that wonky weigh-in (which, as of my writing this, has been further disproved — Sunday morning weigh in was 173.9, so take that, Friday’s mythical gain), and then the food tasting for our wedding.

And on Fridays we order sushi, since it’s the one “going out” food I can’t make at home, always crave, and can eat without totally crippling all my hard work.

So Friday’s setup: crappy weigh-in (which has since been disproved), food tasting for wedding, and sushi dinner.

I felt guilty about the idea of having a milkshake, too. And in the past I would have motioned to the 32 activity points and 49 flex points I hadn’t used yet that week and said SELF THIS IS YIUR CHANCE FOR A TREAT JUST GO HAVE IT ALREADY STOP WHINING.

But instead, I did something I never used to do: I looked up the points of my treat.

And damn it all to hell: a small shamrock shake (12 oz) was FOURTEEN POINTS.

A large? 22 points.

Yeah, no. Not happening.

I was genuinely disappointed — after looking forward to it for so long, I felt like I had ruined my own day. I reflected upon the tasting, the large sushi dinner, the weigh-in — and I said to Chelsea, “We can’t go get them.”

I explained why.

Chelsea looked at her phone and typed something.

“Does 5 points for 16 oz sound better?”


She then read to me a list of ingredients seen online to make a WW-friendly, medium-sized shamrock shake.

Instead of going to McDonald’s, we went to Walmart (we hate Walmart but this was fairly late at night and they were open). And we bought the ingredients.

And while I tidied up the kitchen and living room, Chelsea made us each a shamrock shake.


And they were FIVE POINTS.

And I became further convinced, as if I needed further convincing, that Chelsea loves me and will always be the MVP of Team Us.

What an awesome treat!

I’ll post the recipe post-haste.


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