Berries are Beautiful, Baby.

Sorry for the corny, alliterative title but the nerd in me needed a good giggle.

It’s been a very trying week.

This post has, I think, been a long time coming. And by “a long time,” I mean about a week. It was a little over a week ago that I started working really hard at incorporating berries into my diet in a meaningful way. By this, I mean that instead of just a handful of blueberries here and there when I feel like it, I am consciously eating some in the morning and at night.

I’ve learned that berries are low sugar (blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) and high fiber, and supposedly are great to eat before bed because they’re a slow-release source of fiber that satiates the body during sleep. So that’s good. Plus, fiber is always good. Plus, berries have lots of vitamins and minerals.

Like I said, this is all well and good. But on a selfish/childish level, the best part: I miss eating fruit, but fruit has always slowed my weight loss if I eat it each day. This is likely because of the sugar content — my body just doesn’t process it that well, you know? So these low-sugar berries are like delicious fruity, juicy treats that have great benefits and no detractions. I can have my fruit and eat it too!

Oh, and berries are 0PP. As is all fruit, but as we all know, I don’t trust that ideology when it comes to apples and bananas.


Since becoming a berry-eater (1 cup in the morning, 1 cup in the evening, each time with 0.5 oz of almonds), I have experienced the following benefits:

1. Improved digestion.
2. Satisfaction/fullness from a pretty small amount of food!
3. Energy — I suspect this may stem from the raspberry keytones.
4. A newfound appreciation for natural sweetness — I told Chelsea that I feel like blueberries are nature’s Skittles. And, if you know me, you know that I would commit murder or high-level felonies in the name of Skittles. So this praise for blueberries is huge.
5. A very pleasant, flavorful, delicious daily ritual that I really look forward to — such juiciness, so many flavors and textures, each bite different than the bite before (I mix blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in my serving).

All in all, I’m so glad I’ve discovered them. The fiber content has been really wonderful for me and my digestion, and everything about the experience of eating fresh berries is fun, tasty and decadent! And cost-wise, for Chelsea and I to eat them each day, it’s not too terrible… We get the berries from SAM’s Club, where blueberries are $7.99 for a huge container, blackberries are $3.98, and raspberries are $4.97 (why those weird people who set the prices ask for a different penny count on each is beyond me). So basically like just shy of $20 a week. However, they’re now half my breakfast and also my evening snack (along with my frozen greek yogurt), so it’s really quite worth it when you think that $17 would buy… 3 dual-Dunkin trips for Chelsea and I, or 3 or 4 Wegman’s individual desserts, etc. The trade-off is worth the money and costs me nothing, points-wise.

Soon summer will arrive, and I’ll be able to pick up fresh stuff at the farmer’s market — I CAN’T WAIT!


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