Minor Miracles.

For over two months, now, Chelsea and I have not cheated at all, WW-wise. Or at least, I haven’t, and when she is with me she hasn’t either.

We did go to Albany for a weekend, during which I was careful and ate within my flex points. Same for Valentine’s Day.

Each week, kind soul that she is, she says “How are you doing on points? Do you want a treat this weekend?” And each week, I’ve said no. It’s been rare, these past few weeks, for me to dip into my flex points at all.

(For anyone unaware, flex points are the 49 extra points WW gives you each week beyond your daily allowance. You could tack some onto each day, and give yourself 7 extra points every day, or save them for a treat. I usually save for a treat.)

Lately, no treats have seemed worthy. I think fondly of Taco Bell XXL Grilled Stuffed Burritos, a dear love of mine, and then I remember that it will only take abut fifteen minutes to eat one and they are 27 points. Is it worth it? So far, no.

I think, too, about ice cream sundaes. Ice cream is anywhere between 5 and 10 points for HALF A CUP (though we do keep the half-fat kind around the house – right now I’m speaking of fancy great sundaes) and how in a half hour, so many points are just GONE, and not gone-with-the-wind-fabulous as my good friend and personal spirit animal Beyonce would say. It’s not worth it.

So I keep thinking of things that aren’t worth it and end up just not having a treat that week because nothing tastes so good that it’s worth a potential weigh-in setback, even when I’ve got the points for it.


Today I knew in the depths of my soul that I wanted a chicken fingers sub from Wegman’s. Specifically, a chicken cordon bleu sub.

I decided it was worth whatever points it would cost me.

We went to Wegman’s.

I ordered it on a wrap instead of bread. I asked for very little dressing. I brought it home and HOUSED it in a fit of glee — it tasted like every dream I’ve ever had came true at once.

And then, just to see, I started trolling for if Wegman’s makes their nutritional info available for wraps. Turns out they do.

And my delectable treat — the treat for which I would have given my entire 49 flex points and then some — IS ONLY 8 POINTS.

8 points is two Greek yogurts.
8 points is LESS than one bowl of sausage and bean soup.
8 points is 1/5 an order of wings.

I had the most delicious, sinful-tasting treat today. It was like bar food but better. It had Swiss cheese and tasted like childhood hope.

And it was only 8 points.

The universe is benevolent.

Miraculous indeed.


One thought on “Minor Miracles.

  1. Kuddos for saving up your flex and enjoying them!!! Be proud of your constant hard work and enjoy your rewards – they don’t come often while eating with so few points!

    I hate to be the one that brings down the happy day and its minor miracle, but just in case you get the sandwiches often, they’re not 8 points. We eat there often when we do grocery shopping, so I am on their site checking once in a while. Here’s the breakdown… I listed it in the PP order



    7” Chicken finger plain sub (includes a white sub roll I believe) = 16pp


    7” white sub roll by itself (subtracting it) = -8pp

    Wheat wrap = 7pp (it only saved 1 pp, bummer, huh?)

    Swiss cheese = 3pp

    Honey mustard dressing = 2pp

    They didn’t have it listed as an add-on, but the WW booklet says it’s 2 points.

    So 16 -8, +7, +3, +2 +2 = 22pp

    Fat 17+ 8+ 7+ 0+ -2 = 30
    Carb 83+ 0+ 48+ 14+ -58 = 87
    Fiber 4+ 0+ 8+ 0+ -2 = 10
    Protein 33+ 8+ 7+ 0+ -12 = 36
    Then for the ham +2
    = 22 pp

    Sorry K! But with 49 flex points – 22 are definitely worth sparing!

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