Weekly Weigh-In #8

Well, in a strange and miraculous twist, I did lose weight this week!

Last night, we ate a bunch of berries. This morning, I woke up, ate my prunes and my nuts, and went for my run. Then, I had to hurry and shower to get to my hair appointment at 9:45 AM.

After my hair appointment, I had to run to Wegmans to pick up something. Namely, the snap peas I forgot to ask Chelsea to pick up earlier this week.

Then, quickly, before I got ready to go meet my friends for lunch, I weighed in. Imagine my delight when the scale read 174.9!!!!!!

This is an exact tie for my all-time lowest WW weight, achieved summer of 2011.

This is a really big deal to me! I’m so excited!

All that hard work, finally paying off. From here on out, we are past the major hurdle of losing what I had gained back! Now, we are on the right path.

Last week: 175.7
Today: 174.9
Loss: 0.8
Since January: 8.4
Since highest weight: 17.1

I am really, really happy.


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