Couch to 5K: Week 3

Can you believe it’s been three weeks already?!


Now, the workouts become a little tougher.

Really though, it’s all in my head.

If you asked me, out of context, “Can you run for three minutes?” I would probably look at you as if you were crazy and I would tell you “Yes, definitely.” That’s not a long time at all.

However, last week’s run included 1.5 minutes of running alternating with walking. That’s a piece of cake. Three minutes, also, is a piece of cake. And I know this. I really do. But there’s a part of my brain that’s all, “BUT THAT’S TWICE AS MUCH AS LAST TIME WHAT IF WE DIE.”

I say to that portion of my brain, “Alas. Then we shall die trying.”

There’s a huge part of my subconscious that can’t let go of the fact that I’ve never been much good at running. I keep waiting for the other foot to drop — keep waiting for the moment when the workout is, indeed, too much. When I need to stop.

That moment hasn’t come yet and hopefully it never will! But I think that’s where my hesitation stems from — a subconscious conviction that I can’t really do it.

My cerebellum’s task, then, is to make sure that at least some part of my consciousness knows that I CAN.

In the words of my love, Regina Spektor: “The piano is not firewood yet.”

Indeed, it is not.


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