Couch to 5K — Week 2 Has Begun

Well, it’s difficult to say how I felt about my first day of Week 2. 

Some mitigating factors, for sure.

1. I am still sick. I don’t breathe out of my nose much when I work out anyway so this was in some ways not problematic but in others, quite. My throat burns now and I feel supremely tired. This is probably unsurprising to everyone reading. However, I had Saturday-Monday off from working out and I really don’t want to lose the habit of making sure it happens daily. It’s got to be my meditation, my habit, my thing I need to do. 

2. So for the first time while treadmilling, I watched Hulu Plus instead of Netflix. Before I started, I said “Self, you’ll stay on this treadmill until this episode of SVU is over. After C25K is done, you shall walk at a slower pace until the show ends.” Okay, I agreed with myself, I’ll do that. On I get, off I go. Then I realize that Hulu Plus HAS COMMERCIALS, which makes shows that are usually 40 minutes about 15 minutes longer. Now, this is not at all troublesome stamina-wise. At the end of my workout I’m happy to walk as long as I need to and won’t die. The problem is that I spent an extra 20 minutes in my basement when really, I wanted to go eat dinner and prep my lesson plans.

I know what you’re saying — you’re saying what Chelsea said: Why didn’t you just finish the episode upstairs?

HERE’S WHY. I am like a small, bratty child and I must discipline myself with a firm and steady sense of guidance. As my mom always says of effective parenting: Only pick the battles you know you’ll win — and then win them. I had TOLD MY BRATTY SELF that we would stay on that treadmill until SVU was over. To give up early would be to tell myself that it’s A-OKAY to stop when I’m tired, or don’t want to stay on the treadmill, or have other things to do. And once I did that once, I would do it forever. I KNOW myself. The habit of excuse-making is absolutely torturous to break and I did not want to re-invent the wheel on that one this evening. So stern, disciplinarian me told bratty child me, “No, Self, you’re staying. You’re walking at 3.0 — which is a leisurely stroll — for the extra 20 minutes. But dammit, you’re staying.” 

And that, friends, is what I did.

I promise not to push myself too hard; I promise also to never give up without a fight.

I hardly think that going home early could be part of the Points of It All.



4 thoughts on “Couch to 5K — Week 2 Has Begun

    1. Thanks! 😀 Yeah, I try to set up a plan that way I don’t just like, flake out on myself. That’s true even for things like deciding if I’m gonna work out on a particular day — if I say “I’m doing this,” I try really hard to keep at it. Thanks as always for your support — and congrats to you on your own success so far! Progress, progress, progress. 🙂

  1. I also watch SVU while on the treadmill. It’s a nice distraction. If you watch episodes that aren’t “this season” they never have commercials and it’s only the 40 minutes you want. Just a thought!

    1. 1. You are wise, and clearly have superb taste in television.

      2. I’ve watched all the old ones! I find I’m less engaged/more easily distracted when I already know what’s going to happen next. Maybe I should go all the way back to Season 1, and hope that I’ve forgotten a fair amount by now. :-p

      Thanks for the solidarity and the tip! 😀

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