Weekly Weigh-In #6

Man oh man.

It’s not specifically weigh-in day (that should be tomorrow) but I did weigh in today because, well, I felt like it.

And you know what’s annoying? The way the scale changes its mind like 5 times if you weigh yourself five times.

The first time I weighed myself today, scale said 176.0. I thought, ok good, and tried again. Next time? 177.4. Moved the scale. Tried again. 176.3. Moved the scale two more times. 176.3 both times.

Like, what the hell? Ugh.

So I’m going with the most consistent weight for this week, which was 176.3.

Weight Last Week: 177.5
Weight This Week: 176.3
Loss This Week: 1.2
Loss Since Start: 7 lbs.

So six weeks and seven pounds.

Slow progress, but progress all the same.


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