Treadmill Update

Alas – ALAS! It was too good to be true.

The treadmill we wanted cannot be dissembled, and weighs 400 lbs. That means we could never get it in the house, even with help — it’s too big to fit through our 1940’s doors, and too heavy even for grown men to shift about.

However, so committed are we to the idea of running at home that my Knightess in Shining Armour, Chelsea, said we should still get one. For regular price.

And so we did.

The delivery person from Dick’s Sporting Goods will call us this week to set up a delivery and building time. By next weekend, we well may have a treadmill!

And then — and I know you’re excited for it already — you’ll get to hear ALL ABOUT MY RUNNING ADVENTUREZ.

AKA: I will tell you that I’m slow and sad while running. But eventually it shall make me healthier and thinner and then, I’ll tell you how awesome I am while running.

And you, oh darling reader, will share in the joy and trial and tribulation and redemption of it all!

In short: I’m excited.

This is a new beginning.


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