Endurance here meaning, to endure a thing, rather than just being a measure of stamina

What am I enduring?

Emotionally: aside from missing Chelsea, not much.

Nutritionally: being away at a conference and not having complete and utter control over my meals.

This probably doesn’t sound too enthralling or disastrous to you, dear reader, but trust me — it’s an anxiety inducing hell.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh just eat salad and avoid bread!”

You’re stupid though.

Here’s why.

The salad tonight was Caesar salad, covered in dressing that’s certainly high fat. The soup offering was vegan butternut soup, of which I had a bowl only after being assured there was no heavy cream (that’s how I found out it was vegan, actually). The main dish were tasty eggplant sandwiches on ciabatta. I ate half my sandwich with the bread on, half off.


So many.


Bread is practically more points than the Seahawks brutalized the Broncos by. Har har har. And I don’t even follow sportsball.

Really though it’s tough – day to day I am in utter control of what I eat, and I know it’s points value down to the ounce. This is hard for me — I have no idea what my noms will be as I go. I have no idea if lunch will be pasta, is breakfast will be bagels only…

It is a Weight Watcher’s worst nightmare.

So now you’re wondering: Oh, Karen! Are you ok? Can I send you some kale, a la Hunger Games sponsor style? Whatever will you do?

Here’s what I’m doing, kids.

I made a batch of kale chips and brought them with me.

I brought for serving-portioned bags of sugar snap peas, which keep well even without refrigeration.

I brought a can opener, can of chicken, hot sauce, salt/pepper/seasoning and a Tupperware with which to make myself chicken salad to bring to lunch tomorrow.

I brought my smoothie bottle with a scoop of flax seed and a scoop of protein powder. I’ll add water and shake tomorrow.

I brought a banana to eat with my shake.

I brought three bottles of water.

In short, I have fortified myself so that I have no excuse to be starving at lunch or desperate for food. I have constructed a plan wherein I am well-fed by nutritionally dense foods so that I don’t eat crap.

Here’s hoping it works.

PS: I miss Chelsea. Going to sleep in a strange place is so lonely.


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