Weekly Weigh-In #4

Guys. GUYS.

So I’ve been intending to switch my weigh-in day to Fridays, because I work from home on Fridays this semester.

And so, sticking with that idea, I weighed myself this morning.


That’s only 0.2 lbs away from the freaky weigh in of 178.6 from a little under two weeks ago. That’s WITH the bloating of PMS.

Starting weight in January: 183.3
Weight today: 178.8
Change so far: 4.5 lbs.

I’ll take it.

I did a dance. The cats were unimpressed. So I scooped Taggy up and sang to him and hugged him.

Suddenly, he realized the magnitude of my joy and began to purr.

That, or he’s really into when I sing Gin Wigmore songs to him.

That, or he was just trying to get by and fit in during a moment where he had not one iota of a clue what was going on.

Sigh. I do love him.


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