To Tread Where We Have Not Trod Before

Chelsea and I want a treadmill.

This is surprising news, because I don’t like to run and because we like doing Crossfit. However, some truth bombs with your morning coffee: We both (but I, especially, while losing weight) need to do more cardio. It is way, way too cold here in the winter to safely/comfortably run outside. And my schedule is so wild and ridiculous that anything I might be able to squeeze in at home trumps a gym membership or trying to go somewhere else to get it done.

After talking to Ben the other day, I began to reconsider the idea of running and of a treadmill. In the summer, sure, I can run outside. But for now? Hmm.

Running is a terrific form of cardio, is portable, requires only shoes (and for me, a veeery good sports bra) and effort. This appeals to me. Plus, lots of people run. Chelsea and I can do it alone, or together, or with friends, or run a race, etc. etc.

But then we discovered that all treadmills are about a million dollars.

We’re still thinking of throwing down for one.

Because I NEED more cardio. I know this. And we can only get down to Crossfit 2 or 3 week and those workouts are not always including a lot of cardio. Which is fine for toning purposes but which is less fine when one is trying to get less fat. If I went like 5x a week to Crossfit, that’d be a different story.

So we want a treadmill.

And lots of money, to buy the treadmill.

I’ll keep you posted re: what we decide.


5 thoughts on “To Tread Where We Have Not Trod Before

  1. Definitely not trying to talk to you out of the treadmill! However! I don’t have a million dollars either, and I feel about running the way I feel about onions (a necessary evil only in life-or-death situations), and a couple years ago I became obsessed with cycling, so…. over Christmas I bought a stationary bike stand! It is seriously the best thing I have ever spent money on. It was only about $200, and I think you can probably get them for less than that. But if you have bikes, throw a couple on those stands in front of your TV (they’re super loud, but I’ve learned that if you buy a smooth tire for your back wheel that should cut down on the noise) and re-watch Dr Who to your heart’s content. I do about an hour probably five days a week. I feel so much better since I started doing cardio again. And since doing it inside isn’t exactly a full-body work out, I do dumb little arm reps with small weights. Makes me feel way more productive. Anyway, if you don’t hate riding, you could think about springing for those instead!

    1. Emily, that’s a smart suggestion! We don’t have bikes now but had hoped to get them, so this is a very good thing to know.

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