The Tiniest Victory.

Guys, the hormones must be setting in —

because the longer I think about how frustrated at this week’s small weight gain I am, the more I feel like crying.

Isn’t that dumb?

I know it’s dumb.

But I’m sitting here at my desk with my multiple bottles of water, thinking about how my entire diet consists of green smoothies, nutritionally planned and portioned meals… And somehow, I have gained weight. And somehow, I so feel like crying about it.

Several things cross my mind:

1. Well, after that freaky 4.7 lb loss, some minor gain is probably to be expected.

2. DAMN YOU, uterus! And your stupid hormones too.

3. I did not make any mistakes. So why did I gain?

4. I still want to cry.

Sad, withered, defeated-feeling.


I left the office for a few, and when I returned, there were delicious-looking, huge chocolate chip cookies on one of our tables. I tell you: in this hormonal, emotional, biologically-ravaged moment, I wanted one of those cookies more than I wanted my own soul.

I did not eat one.

I kept walking.

I just kept walking.



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