A Sincere “Thank You.”

In addendum —

Lately, I’ve been hearing from more of you who are readers about your thoughts/feelings on THE POINTS OF IT ALL.

It makes me really happy.

Last night, I got to talk to my friend Ben for a little while. Ben is one of those charismatic and wonderful people who, when you meet him, you just know you want him to be your friend. Ever meet somebody like that? We’ve been in touch here and there since college, and he never fails to make me smile. Actually, he never fails to make me outright laugh. I feel very lucky to know him.

Last night, he tried making kale chips following the horrifying advice of some woman on YouTube — and to bad results. Our conversation started there, and morphed its way into being about health, weight loss, pushing yourself, and never making excuses. He became a runner, through much hard work, and it was fascinating to hear about his own journeys and transformations.

I was so inspired by our chat that I think, this spring when it’s warmer (I don’t have a treadmill now, and keep getting home after dark) I will endeavor to become a runner.

Talking to you, Ben, made me feel like everything was possible.

Thanks for the chat. I’m SO glad we had the chance to catch up!

And I promise to post my kale chip recipe to avoid future disasters…


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