“The Part-Time Vegan.”

Chelsea and I say all the time that we’re “kinda” vegetarians and “kinda” vegan. I recognize the contradictions inherent in those statements — those ways of life are all in/all out. But we are far more conscious, ecologically speaking and nutritionally speaking, than the average American omnivore. We’ve learned, through WW, to make a lot of small and healthy swaps that re-energized what we thought food could do for us, and we feel somewhat better knowing that our decreased consumption of animal products means we’re not buying into (as much as we used to) an economy that hurts animals and uses them for capital gain.

That all being said, I found this article from Salon to be a really great read. It’s called “Confessions of a Part Time Vegan,” and I hope you’ll all give it a read. This woman is spot-on throughout.


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