It’s a tame day in the news room here, folks, as I recover from the image of splattered smoothie all over my kitchen, and face, and hair.

It left me broken. What else can I say?

Last night, we went out to dinner with two of my very best friends. I ate off the “healthy choices” menu at the restaurant, and was pleased that I stayed within my PP allowance for the day despite having hit the town. I brought them some kale chips to try — the girls seemed to like ’em. KALE FOREVER.

Today I am just incredibly tired. I don’t know why that is. My immune system is a little down — I’ve got a cold sore, and they’re often accompanied by fever and aches for a day or two. So maybe that’s the case. In any event, I’m tired and sore and cranky. 

Another possibility: in the not so distant future, PMS is coming. I hate that for about a week and a half out of the month, my weight is all over the place AND I am often in pain. Makes it very hard to tell how much progress is being made re: weightloss. However, if I stick to the plan and don’t make any poor choices, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Sorry for such a “blah” entry. I’m just not feeling like myself today. 

Oh – and if you’re wondering about the title – I HATE Justin B. And the same way some people play Tetris every night before bed or read, I look up his name on Google each night and see what ridiculous law-breaking he’s been up to that day. Watching his career devolve into disaster after disaster is so satisfying. He seems like such a nasty person. Around 4:30 AM he got what was coming to him. HAH. I get that my hatred of him is weird. I also know that it’s schadenfreude. But whatever. He’s a weird little elf. 


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