For those of you who read the weekly weigh-in below, you know how today is going. For those of you just joining us, I HAVE SOME NEWS.

I lost 4.7 lbs in one week.


I know, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. What witchery is this? It brings to mind the theme song from The Prince of Egypt, as sung by Whitney (please see title of this post): “There can be miracles / when you believe,” etc. etc.

So now the questions begin — questions I want to answer for your benefit as much as my own.

Why is it strange that I lost so much in one week? I’m sincerely wondering. Not too much has changed — though what HAS changed, I’ll explore in more detail below. Usually while on WW, a person will lose somewhere between 1-2 lbs a week. I’m usually a 0.7-1 type of weekly loser. So this weigh-in shocked me, in the best of all ways.

I want to state now, for the record: Chelsea as my witness, I am eating well. I eat three meals a day, all nutritionally balanced. I am eating enough. No starvation diet here. This weight was lost safely and joyfully and without strive or hunger pangs. 

What did I do differently this week? This is the real question. Here’s what I can think of:

– As of this past week, we have been putting greens (both spinach and kale) in our breakfast smoothies.
– We have eaten kale chips in a variety of flavors every night for the past week and a half.
– I have been eating cauliflower in the afternoons instead of pretzels.
– We made it to CrossFit last week at least one time for me, twice for Chelsea.
– I have taken in much less sodium

Other than that, it’s all been status quo! Unless that “Bean with Sausage” (seriously the lamest soup name ever for a soup that’s so divine) has secret weightless properties, but I doubt it.

So I started looking, this morning, for articles online that might shed some light on what benefits kale may have had, since eating pretty much BULK KALE this past week is my biggest change. Here’s what I found — some of which I already knew, and some of which explained a bit for me.

A. Obviously, Kale has a ton of nutrients and is low calories. I mean, it’s a green. This is obvious. However, I learned a new thing about Kale (or at least, about eating it) today: When losing weight, the old adage involves the relationship between Calories In/Calories Out. But what most of us don’t realize: a healthy diet for weight loss — and in general — should adhere to a Nutrients In/Toxins Out format instead. So what does this mean? From what I gleaned (and I was on my phone reading these, so have lost the links), it seems like Kale’s detox properties and nutrient-dense little leafy self are benefitting in more ways than one. Previously, I had believed Kale to almost be like a vitamin. I have discovered that it is that, and more. Turns out, those nutrients and detox properties not only purge the bad stuff from my body, but make me crave bad stuff less.


Because calories aren’t nutrients all the time. You can gorge yourself on shit food, and still feel like you’re starving. You can also eat romaine lettuce all day and starve. You can also eat nothing all day and, yes, obviously, starve. But when you eat enough NUTRIENTS, your body stops craving pretty much anything else. It’s true that I’ve felt very un-hungry this past week and perhaps that’s why — my increased Kale consumption and daily vitamin have me in a place where, because my need for nutrients is met, my body isn’t always left begging for more. I had never thought of calories vs. nutrients like that before, but for me, the revelation is a HUGE milestone in how I’ll be thinking about my eats.

B. As for detox — I don’t know much about how it works, and I’m not too concerned. I just know Kale gets the crummy stuff out of my bloodstream and body, and that by not allowing my body to absorb/get used to anything that shouldn’t be there, my body can focus on healthy habits instead.  It does this by creating enzymes in my liver that purge the toxins from mah eats.

C. Kale contains a ton of vitamin C, which boosts metabolism and aids in digestion. As someone with a super slow metabolism, I’m thinking this might be a huge part of what’s helped me this week.

I feel like, as most of you reading are educated folks who exist in the world, if you want to find out more about Kale, you’ll Google it on your own, so I’ll spare you the long(er) list of its accolades. Meanwhile, in the next post, I’ll put some links to some Kale recipes that you might enjoy!

Regarding Cauliflower – I have grown to be deeply in love with broccoli’s strange albino veggie-fellow. I follow the recipe I’ve posted before, where I just season them with 0PP seasonings and toss ’em in the oven. I’ve been eating some each day, and find it delicious, filling and savory — and hot! As in, actually warm. I love warm foods — they somehow make me feel more satisfied, and so baking the cauliflower is a great way to both be healthy in my snacking and get that savory urge sated.

Regarding Sodium – It’s not like a have a specifically high-sodium diet, but I do love pickles and admit to them being a vice of mine. They’re 0PP, but they’re high in sodium… and I love them. Oh, how I love them! This week, I didn’t have any. What’s more — the soup we ate for dinner this past week (we eat the same soup several days in a row ’cause ain’t nobody got time to cook every night at this house) had very little bouillon in its broth. I’m wondering if these things, also, are a huge part of why it’s working out for me so far.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress since last week.

And so, as we go forth into the day pondering the great mystery of JUST HOW 4.7 LBS DISAPPEARED LIKE THAT, we shall sing the song of Kale and Cauliflower. And we’ll eat fewer pickles.

And we will (almost) not even miss those pickles, because NUTRIENTS.





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