Urgent: Healthy Oils WW Revelation!



Everything I know.

Is a lie.

In sum: WW wants you to take in at least two teaspoons of “healthy oils” a day. That category includes olive oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.

The bad part: each TEASPOON of that business is 1 PP, so 2PP a day is kind of a lot to give up to the cause, considering I only get 29 PP a day.

All this time, I thought that eating my milled/ground flaxseed was enough. But it isn’t. I just read this article today… and now I know. I must eat the LIQUID form of the oil.

Which leaves me down 2PP, regarding anything else I get to do in the world. 27 PP left for daily existence.


Not really.

But I am disappointed and bummed.

Well, two teaspoons of olive oil a day, here I come.



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