From Crossfit to Cocoa — My Thursday Thought Round-Up.

Today’s thoughts are a little scattered, but, hey — this isn’t a planned, premeditated blog. We’re blundering along together. YA’LL KNOW WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR. (If you’re wondering, the grammar-police in me know that I should have phrased  the above, “You know that to which you consented!” but it lacks the same punchy quality. Ah, wordzzz.)


1. Sometimes, things I feel silly for being proud about, I’m proud about. The most current example: last night after Crossfit, Chelsea and I were ravenous. We drove in separate cars because we were coming from work; we talked on the phone (hands-free devices employed, promise). Every restaurant we drove by, we wailed “THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW.” And yet, we did not stop at a single one. We returned home, and ate dinner there, and I used exactly the PP I had planned to use for the evening. This may not sound impressive to some of you — but for those of you who struggle to ignore the siren song of the local dining scene, you’ll know it’s easier said than done. Especially, ESPECIALLY when hungry. Especially when tired. Especially when it’s late. Especially when there’s only two of you, and no kids or anything, and no reason why you COULDN’T just take a jaunt to a restaurant.

It’s those little concessions to which I’ve been giving in far too many times this fall. Well, no more. At least, not last night. And maybe it’s silly to be proud of that. But I’m proud.


2. FAT FREE COOL WHIP IS 3 TBSP FOR 1PP! Last evening, I topped a Keurig Cafe Dark Hot Chocolate with some, and some cinnamon, and it was delicious. Only 2 or 3 PP, which was great for such a treat!


3. Turns out, my new bffs KALE CHIPS don’t just need to be in savory flavors to taste good. Last night, I seasoned a batch with cinnamon, curry, nutmeg, Splenda and salt — and the results were impressive! I was nervous they’d be the most disgusting things I’d ever ingested (the curry was a risk, but I suspected curry and cinnamon of playing nicely together), but they were surprisingly excellent. Chelsea ate almost the whole plate! I feel accomplished when she likes my WW foods as much as I do.


4. I’ve been working on adding greens to my smoothie… and it has been a goshdamn JOURNEY, guys. Yesterday the kale & spinach weren’t chopped up finely enough and every sip of smoothie I took was like a mouthful of tasteless seaweed awash in protein powder. Unpleasant. Today they’re chopped better, but some stringy pieces remain. It’s not that I really mind — my smoothie is designed and modified to have huge nutritional punch so I can’t complain if there’s some salad to maw in occasional sips. I do however want to perfect the process so that I don’t have to endure the salad-chewing for long.


5. Pro-tip: If you freeze Oikos Greek Yogurts in the more dessert-y flavors like Key Lime, Cafe Latte or Coconut, they’re like little protein-packed, low-fat (though not NO fat — 4.5 grams a serving) ice cream bowls — and for only 4 PP! We’ve been freezing them all week (Thanks to Kim for the awesome suggestion!) and eating one after dinner to get in another serving of dairy and, of course, more protein.


6. I mentioned above that we drove home from Crossfit last night. Which means, of course, that we went to Crossfit. The WOD was long and horrible, with like 5 METCON sections. There were OHS, box jumps (which I hate), muscle-up progressions (which kind of felt like playing with the bands, which was fun), ROWING (which, for reasons unknown, I excel at — that, and the airdyne bike), burpees and ring dips. I’m probably forgetting some things, since it had so many sections and was so long — but Barry was our coach, and we love hanging out with Barry, and class was small so I didn’t feel self-conscious about how much I struggled with certain things.

I’ve discovered, too, that during our CF hiatus, the shoulder strength I’d so painstakingly gained has waned. I have two shoulders that sublux, with my right being far worse than my left. For my OHS (overhead squat) yesterday, the weight I was lifting was easy for my legs — and easy for my arms, to put up. But when I had the weight above my head, my shoulders were like wiggly-jell-o. Which is most certainly the result of lost shoulder-muscle. Which is disappointing but expected. I’ve always known I need to work extra hard to build up shoulder and back muscle because of my limitations — so its just a consequence of my own inaction, to have that hard work frittered away.

Well, back to the box and back to basics.

I’ll get there again.

And I think that’s it, for today!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend — I’ll see ya Monday!


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