Trusting the Process.

G’morning, ladies/gents/everybody in between.

In the “early” stages of Weight Watchers / losing weight in general, especially as someone who, by most people’s envisionings, “doesn’t have much weight to lose,” it’s hard to know if all the hard work is paying off or not.

On Weight Watchers, especially for folks whose weight is already quite manageable, one can expect to lost about one pound per week.

One pound.

That’s it?

One pound?

You’re sure, WW?

Yes, they’re sure. And the obvious logic — and the reality — is that one pound per week means that in three weeks, I’ll have lost three. In fifteen weeks, I’ll have lost fifteen. And on it goes. So these things DO add up, or, subtract I guess.

But in these fledgeling first few weeks, that first pound feels like nothing at all. It feels like it might even be a mistake. It might be having eaten a light dinner the night before. It might be a lack of sodium-induced water weight.

One pound could be anything.

And so, it’s hard to celebrate 1.5 lbs.

It almost feels like the road to weight loss hasn’t started at all yet — it would be so easy to flail and give up now and go back to the world of non-obsessive eating habits. If a pound can fluctuate on any given day, how do I even know I can attribute its loss to my efforts? It’s so tempting to just “start next week,” or have a massive brownie “just this once,” and plan (and then re-plan, and re-plan) on starting tomorrow or next week.

But I suppose I’d never see week 15 then.

And I really want to see week 15. And week 30, week 54.

I suppose, dear readers, that that is the point(s) of it all.


2 thoughts on “Trusting the Process.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for the support! It’s definitely tough to be patient, but not much else will get me through. Losing any faster than that isn’t healthy anyway, and isn’t sustainable long term!

      Your comment brightened my day; thanks again for stopping by!

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