Weekend Roundup


It’s been a few days, I know, and I apologize — I had company in town this weekend, and also am feeling under the weather. Regular posting will resume tomorrow!

For now:

1. I tried those buffalo cauliflower bites this weekend. They tasted good, but I’m not convinced that very similar outcomes couldn’t be achieved by just seasoning and baking, instead of battering, too. Also, using hot sauce made them a little too spicy. I mixed some barbecue sauce in but the improvement was only marginal. I wonder what I could do to make the taste more mild? I’ll have to consult with Google over that.

2. I did meet my goal of losing 1 lb this week. Huzzah!

3. When my friend was in town, we made Kale chips for the first time. They were surprisingly easy — and also delicious!

4. It is hard to be awake/alert/at work while feeling like crap. I want to put my head down and disappear into my desk, but I cannot.

Le sigh.

More tomorrow!


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