A Chance to Say “Thanks” — And Happy Birthday, Chelsea!

Today, I wanna tell you a little bit about Chelsea.

Many of you already know her — and know of her big heart, her every-ready ability to be compassionate and empathetic to folks who are usually long past the reach of kindness, her unflinching commitment to the things and people she loves (of which I am so very blessed to be one), her social activism, her passion for justice, her love of sleeping in, and her bond with our cats. She’s like another daughter to my mom; my brothers and sister-in-law see her as one of us, too, and my dad has given her the mantle of being “A MOROSKI” ever since he realized she drove six hours in one day to join my parents and I for a celebratory dinner the night I first got into grad school several years ago. (And for Poppa Mark, being A MOROSKI is a whole lot more than a genetic code/last name. The man is convinced we are a people set apart.) Everyone in our world knows that she makes me better with her gentleness, her laughter, and her love.

And today is her birthday. If you know Chelsea, and even if you don’t, dammit, wish her the happiest of birthdays!

The reason this is all relevant on here?

Anyone who’s ever undertaken the process of getting healthy, working out or losing weight can tell you that it’s crucial to have the support of the folks around you; without it/them, things get so much harder. In Chelsea, I have someone who is willing to weigh raw chicken (I hate raw meat) to know how big our portions are. She is someone who will measure out seventeen pretzels per zip lock bag, and 1 ox portions of beef jerky too. She is someone who helps steer me away from my constant desire for chocolate and places in front of me a bag of carrots. She is someone who NEVER complains or rolls her eyes when every single food we have in the house is its healthiest form: low sodium this & that, nonfat milk, lite cream cheese, low moisture/part skim cheese, tons of fresh vegetables and nary a cookie in sight.

Chelsea is excited to try new healthy recipes with me. She’ll grocery shop with me, calculating WW PP as we decide on spaghetti sauces or brands of apple sauce. She seeks out low-PP snacks and recipes for me, and presents them to me as proudly as the little drummer boy drums on Christmas. She is more than just a passive non-WW person. She is also more than just a supportive non-WW one — she is truly an ally in my journey toward a healthier life.

So today, this is what I want to say: We all owe a great debt to the Chelsea-esque folks in our lives. Hopefully, you’ve all got someone like that — someone who is on your side every damn day, who works alongside you to help you be the best “you” that you can be. Chelsea supports me in so many ways — health is just one (ya’ll don’t even want to know how many drafts of my MA thesis that girl had to patiently read) — and I am so grateful for her love, friendship, and support.

For me, today is Chelsea’s birthday — the best day of the year, since without it, I’d not have the love of my life.

For all of you, please make today “Thank-A-Chelsea-Day.” Seek out the people in your life who make you better, who love you even when you’re un-better, who support you in all that you do and make you a priority — and thank them. Remind them that you appreciate their hard work and their commitment to you; hug them, and let ’em know that you see them, you see the work they do.

In the words of Mr. Rogers, “I like to be told.” And, well, don’t we all?



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