Time Will Tell.

Ugh. Thursday. Always such a trial.

Thursday is almost Friday, but not quite. And in the words of Avenue Q, “There’s a fine, fine line / between what you wanted, and what you’ve got.” Thursday tows the fine, fine, line.

We’re still sore from CF the other night, but tonight, we are going again. I like the looks of today’s wod:

WU: 3 x 15 air squats & TTB
1A: Deadlift (5 sets of 3)
Metcon (Weight)
Strict weigted pullups, 5×3
2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 5 min.:
7 Deadlifts (135, 95#)
7 Lateral Barbell Burpees

I am really and truly pathetic at both pullups and lateral barbell burpees — but I love a good deadlift. And so I am focusing on the positive, amidst a sea of otherwise gray Thursdayness.
I am hoping to be down a pound by next Monday. On Friday, between now and then, is Chelsea’s birthday dinner. I’ll make responsible choices wherever we end up going, but am hoping that adhering to the plan otherwise will keep me on track.
My other minor concern: So now that we’re back at CF, will I be getting enough protein, etc. during the day? I’m hydrated enough for sure, but am concerned that my WW friendly lunch and breakfast might not be CF worthy.  Time will tell. If I don’t get enough liquid and protein I feel like a zombie during the higher-intensity WODs so this will be important to figure out.
Usual Breakfast:
— Protein Shake, with banana (3PP)
Midmorning Snack (If needed):
— Baby Carrots (0PP)

Usual Lunch:
— Greek Yogurt (3PP)
— Apple (0PP)
— Occasional Dill Pickle
Afternoon Snack:
— Pretzels (3PP)
— Beef Jerkey (2PP)
Usual Winter Dinner
— Soup (Ranges from 5-9PP)
— Veggies (0PP)
Assorted (4PP)
Now, added all together, that keeps me under my PP target of 29 per day. But you know what? I don’t really believe that fruit and vegetables are 0PP. For awhile, I counted them. I calculated them based off nutrition info I found online instead of just using the WW calculator… I think I’ll start doing that again, just to be safe.
Worst case, we swap out pretzels and jerky for a protein bar of some sort, or lunch meat.
Sorry for such a blahhhh entry today — I feel tired.

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