This Ain’t No Resolution.

I suppose I should begin by saying that this whole blog is actually not a New Year’s Resolution of any kind – and nor is our return to Crossfit, or my return to Weight Watchers.

Last semester was a huge period of transition for me: I was starting my PhD program, teaching at the university for the first time, assisting with the move of my non-profit job to its new digs on campus, settling into my new role/job title as Program Coordinator, and dealing with the first “school season” of trying to maintain a whole house and it’s property instead of just an apartment.

So none of this “you love you” work that I’m about at the moment is part of some half-baked resolution. It is winter break for my academic brain, and it is one of only two periods of time throughout the year where I have the mental energy to start up something new with enough momentum to keep it going when I no longer have zest and zeal.

So this is not a drill.
So this is not a resolution.
So this is something else entirely.

Together, we shall find out what.


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